Mounting Hardware

Mounting Plate

Our mounting plate is used with our bands and buckles and appropiate to secure or hang hardware to poles.

Aluminum Mounting Plate

  • Product: Mounting Plate
  • Category: Supports
• Band slot accommodates a single or double wrap of our 1.1/4” wide x 0.044 thick band.
• extruded aluminum made with 5/8” – 11 x 2” or 5/8” – 11 x 3” plated bolt and nut.
• Mounting plates can be used along with bolt clamps and banding to attach extremely heavy equipment items to poles.
• Aluminum made.
• Extruded aluminum fittings with galvanized plated bolt and nut.
• Galvanized bolt and nut included.
• Can be reused or permanent.

Mounting Plate Specs

Mounting Plate Specs

*Manufactured in Aluminum