Founded in 1998, Fechometal is an international manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel products. With more than 20 year of experience in the industry, Fechometal became reference for quality in the Latin American markets. FechometalUSA values long-term relationships with customers while working ethically, with respect and dedication to our industry.

We specialize in the manufacturing of many products that are utilized across a multitude of industries, including:

Buckles        Bands        Cable Ties        Hose Clamps        Identification        Supports        Poleline Hardware        Tools


We seek to improve the quality of our processes and products continuously. FechometalUSA focuses on maintaining our client’s satisfaction and credibility, always innovating while also continuing the tradition that has positioned our company as the reference for quality in the Brazilian and Latin American markets.


Fechometal strives to grow progressively while always improving our response to the needs and wishes of our clients, employees, partners, and the communities we serve.


Each day, we work hard to provide our customers with products and services with above-average quality and value. Fechometal values its employees and strives to maintain a strong team spirit by valuing individual work ethics, dedication, and commitment.